Basic Principles for Professional Logo Designing

Logo design is a company’s visual representation to the audience. This design allows the company to stand out among the competitors and have its own identity. Logo design represents what the company stands for and what is it all about.

Logos are known to add value to the brand and increase the customer base. You may have noticed people paying tons of money to buy a bag just to carry it around and flaunt the logo.

Some brands are widely identified just because of their logos. Logos have the ability to help the business flourish because it is engaging and catches people’s eye.

If you are an upcoming logo designer, looking for the principles to follow throughout your career then you are at the right place. Let’s have a look at some of the basic principles for logo design.

  1. Simplicity is the Key

    Simple logos are timeless and are free from the constraint of changing trends. You want the logo to be a representation of the vision of your company and you don’t want to go overboard with the designs.

    Just take the Apple logo, it is so simple yet everyone wants to have it in their hands. Simpler things are more intriguing and can garner positive attention from the audience.
  2. Make it Versatile

    A good logo designer always keeps versatility in mind and works according to that. A perfect logo should be designed in a way that it can easily adapt to the surface it is supposed to be on.

    Companies design different logos for their brand to use according to the relevance. A versatile logo can be changed to be printed on the visiting card, a shirt, a banner, or the products, all the while looking epic.
  3. Unique

    You should not copy and paste a logo because it is not only unprofessional, it is highly unethical. A logo can surely be inspired but never plagiarized. A good designer will always design a unique logo that is not only different from the other but is unique as well.

    Uniqueness is what makes your logo special and gives a tough time to the competition. The uniqueness of your logo will be the voice of your company and will appeal to a larger audience.
  4. Research Extensively

    Before starting the designing process, you need to research extensively about the company, the competitors, and the market.

    This will give you an insight into what the logo should be like and how can you make it unique. By researching, you will clearly understand the vision of the company and it will be a lot easier for a designer to visualize the right approach for the design.
  5. Make it Memorable

    A logo should have the ability to stick to people’s minds just with a glance. A professional designer will always work in accordance to making the logo memorable.

    Keep the logo simple but relevant to the business. You want people to remember the logo in a good way and for that; you have to use your imaginative mind.

    Memorable logos are responsible for representing companies globally, take Audi for instance, even a young kid knows what’s their logo.

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